why am i bleeding out of my anus?

Sarah Asked: why am i bleeding out of my anus?

im sorry its a gross question, but whenever i go to the bathroom, regardless of whether im doing number 1 or number 2, there has been blood in the toilet the past few weeks.could it be a hemorrhoid?i know i have to go to the doctor regardless, but i cant get an appointment for almost 2 weeks.


Hello Answered:
It coulod be from a thick hard poop, making a cut in your anus, happens to me all the time,

Suggestions? -

Place some tissue in undies where your anus is

Place a pad in the back of your panties

Take a shower and rinse it

Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 why am i bleeding out of my anus?

Dont worry, been there done that :]

Vulcan Answered:
Probably hemorrhoids.Get some Witch Hazel from the store and wash your poor old busted butt with it.

also warm water baths are good.

iluvcats58 Answered:
Anytime you have blood coming from your anus you should be checked by a doctor. Most likey its just hemorroids but cancer can cause bloody stools too so its very important you go to a doctor.

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