What food not to eat if you have hemorrhoid?

VICTOR Asked: What food not to eat if you have hemorrhoid?

Avoid spicy foods, and foods with highly acidic contents such as Spaghetti, orange juice, salsa, anything with tomatoes, or lemons of oranges. Stick to bland foods like rice, bread, potatoes. Also avoid large amounts of dairy. Good luck.


Brad Lomen Answered:
I honestly don't think it really matters to tell u the truth. BUT, I COULD BE WRONG. GOOD LUCK

goodguy Answered:
Eat lots of Soy. It has protein and fiber. The fiber helps keep things moving through the digestive system. Drink lots of water. It should help.
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James Answered:
There are stool softeners available over the counter for just this sort of purpose.Eating lots of fiber will keep your stools from being really hard, but it may not keep them reliably soft enough.Ask your doctor or the pharmacist for advice on how much to take, and differences between brands (if any).

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