Purple Lump On My Anus?

Ron Asked: Purple Lump On My Anus?

Hi, I recently noticed my anus felt irritated and itchy so eventually i looked ……. and i discovered a pea sized purple kind of hard lump on the outer rim of my anus …. i dont know much about these things but i just hope its not a hemorrhoid !!!…… if so are they dangerous? and how should i treat it ? should i go to the doctor ?………also im a 15 year old virgin so it couldnt be an std , thanks


Grubs Answered:
Sorry dude it is a haemorrhoid but its ok they can be treated by applying haemorrhoid cream which in most cases shrinks them away. You can get the cream over the counter.
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prashant Answered:
this is thrombosed piles. don't get panic ed. consult MB BS doctor he/she will examine, confirm the diagnosis and pres crib local ointment, capsules & site's bath. swelling will disappear in a week.

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