Pimple-like bump near anus.?

Susan Asked: Pimple-like bump near anus.?

So last night while I was sleeping, my anus was itching so bad so I tried to itch it but i felt a little bump like a bug bite n it hurt a lot when I was itchin it. I looked at my anus n it's not hemorrhoids, it's a small bump on my butt cheek, about 1 inch away from anus. It looked like a pimple. It doesn't hurt, but when I scratch it it does. Also I have been eating lots of spicy foods n that causes my anus to burn a lil when I use the bathroom, but I doubt the bump is bc of that. Tell me what you think it is. Do you think its just a pimple or should I go to a doctor immediately?


Billy Answered:
Definitely herpes.

Needful Sinner Answered:
Ingrown hairs leave a pimple like bump and that is a common area for them
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Tara Answered:
should probably got o the doctor dude, could turn out to be aserious problem.

Yea stop touching it you should go to the doctor it could be an ingrown hair or pinmple and can turn into something worse; a boil 0_o

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