My boyfriend asked me to rim him, how do I say no?

Asked: My boyfriend asked me to rim him, how do I say no?

My boyfriend is lovely and I would do anything for him, however, last night he asked me to 'rim' him. I have never done this before and a friend said it can be very dangerous. Also, to make matters worse he is recovering from haemorrhoids. I don't want to disappoint him, but I cannot do this. How do I let him know without ruining our relationship?


Depends on how long you've two been together. But if you're uncomfortable with it, TELL him.

Man up and suck them bumgrapes… it'll probably bring you two closer together…. failing that let him put it in your **** and *** on your face.

This is something an awful lot of people would not want to do.You just have to tell him, there is no easy way to do it.If he loves you he will be ok about it.

tell him how you feel about it and talk about other options. if he loves you and cares about you he will appreciate your honesty and your feelings

If you're uncomfortable with it, tell him. Don't let him make you.

Just tell him no. A proper relationship is based on mutual respect. No matter how much you care abut each other and no matter how prepared you are to experiment everyone has their limit. Just say this is yours. He really ought to respect that. If he doesn't there is something wrong.

dump his a$$ you should never feel like you owe a guy anything in a relationship and that is super dangerous it could really hurt u and if hes ok with that potentially hurting you like that then this a$$hole ain't worth it

like nike says "just do it"haha im kidding ive done it to my bf and it doesnt taste bad or anything..but we've both been tested for stds and were both "clean". AND to add im a HUGE hygiene freak.. i literally make him shower if i dont feel like hes clean lol but the hemorrhoids kinda throws me off. So for now I would hold off. Maybe talk to a doctor about it also.. im sure they would give you advice

******* gross! I would never want my girl to do that to me it's just dirty. Tell that ****** no.

Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 My boyfriend asked me to rim him, how do I say no?

On a side note I'd totally eat my gf's *** if she asked me, but only after she got out of the shower.

thats freakin nasty da fuq would you lick someones asshole tell him thats wayyyyy tooo freaky

its not dangerous but with haemorrhoids thats sick

i couldnt do it any way as it jsut is a no no

I can't see how not doing it would ruin your relationship. It's one act that you're uncomfortable with. Most people don't do it. Personally, I wouldn't and I especially wouldn't do it if it was relationship-critical. Tell him that it's a no-go area and leave it at that.

I'm sorry but I laughed out loud (really) when reading 'recovering from haemorrhoids'.

lol if you need a quick excuse not to then just use that at first. But basically he's asking you to lick his shitty ring (even if he washes it), a simple "no, that's not for me" should be enough for him to drop it. If not then you need to find someone better.

say hell no

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