Large, painful bump on anus?

John Asked: Large, painful bump on anus?

while ago I had a bump right on my anus no bigger than the size of a bb and it was very tender and painful. After time it went away. But now I have an even bigger bump a on my anus and its painful and very very hard. Whenever I sit or work the muscles in that region Its painful. I looked in a mirror and its really swollen and has a purple color to it. Any ideas on what it might be, should I be worried? I don't think its a hemorrhoid because its not actually coming out of my anus.(I've never had sex)


Partyparty1234 Answered:
This is something to talk to the dr about even though embarassing u dont want yahoo people answering. I'm concerned about the being possible cancer(colen etc.)
Talk 2 the doc ASAP and good luck

tod m Answered:
try some vitamin c.

Dan H Answered:
It could be Hemorrhoids.It could also be an rectal prolapse, or an rectal hernia.There are a few other things it could be, but they are rare – Doctors can tell.

Any way you go, it would be best to have it checked out by a doctor.Probably not an emergency, but make an appointment as soon as possible.

If it's itchy, it's probably a hemorrhoid.Witch Hazel will comfort that.

kerby P Answered:
It still could be hemorrhoids because they consist of inflamed blood vessels in and around the anus. Usually caused by irregular bowel movements and poor eating habits (not enough fiber), too much dairy and excess meat.Also not drinking the required 8 oz. glasses of water help contribute to H-roids.Straining when going to the bathroom causes them as well.

Here are some home remedy reliefs from the pain and itching.

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1)Dab the afflicted area with a cotton compress soaked in witch hazel, espec. after each bowel movement.For best results use a witch hazel that you can purchase in a health food store.Mix a few drops of witch hazel tincture in 2 cups of distilled water.For added relief throughout the day place a compress coated with witch hazel inside your underwear for a few hours at a time.It's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation and itching assoc. with H-roids.

2)Eat a whole orange a day!The rind of citrus fruits contains rutin, a substance that strengthens capillary and blood vessel walls.If the idea of eating a whole orange does not appeal, try boiling the rind and white pith of oranges in enough water to cover, adding a few tablespoons of honey and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.Boil the mixture until the rinds are soft, let cool, and have a few pieces every day until symptoms begin to improve.

3)To reduce pain, swelling, and itching of external h-roids, try dabbing pilewort ointment on the irritated area, several times a day.To make the ointment, warm seven ounces of petroleum jelly and two tablespoons of fresh dried pilewort for 10 minutes.Allow cooling before use.

4)Soak a gauze bandage in apple cider vinegar and place in the anal area overnight.Use tight underwear or a sanitary pad to keep the gauze in place. Relief should be swift, unless the area is raw from scratching, then there may be some burning at first but this too shall pass.

5)After washing the affected anal area with a mild soap, pat dry and apply wheat germ oil might pull on some old underwear to keep the sheets dry and oil free.Alternatively,you can dab the skin around the anus with olive oil to ease bowel movements and soften the inflamed tissues near the perineum.

6)Try running a warm bath before bed, and pour into it a mixture of one cup of baking soda and 5 to 10 drops of chamomile oil.After a 15 minute soak, you'll feel much better.

Traditional advice from Chinese Medicine:1)Avoid sitting on toilet too long (don't make a habit of reading there)2)Rinse the anus and perineum with warm water after each bowel movement. and 3)Use hot compresses and light massage daily to further stimulate blood circ.

Of course there are creams and suppositories avail. over the counter, if all else fails.If you still think it isn't H-roids it wouldn't be a bad idea to see your doctor.Good Luck!

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