Is Preparation H safe to use on animals?

Captain Stabbin Asked: Is Preparation H safe to use on animals?

My dog has been sitting on the ground and then dragging his rear end across the lawn. Not just the lawn but all the way across the lawn. My neighbor said my dog may have hemorrhoids. Does anyone know if Preparation H hemorrhoid cream is save to use on my dog?


thedamnmushroom Answered:
It should be safe, and if you do apply Prep H to your dog's anus — POST A VIDEO OF THIS TO YOUTUBE.

Andre Answered:
well it wont harm him at all. but it might not work

Anna D Answered:
Your dog has dingle berries and your neighbor is a moron.

Dirtay Me Answered:
It should be safe, however you should call a vet and ask if he actually has hemorrhoids. Usually dogs scoot because their anuses are itchy or irritated, and it gives them relieve. But hermmorrhoids hurt, and by dragging their butt, they would only be making it worse. You should be able to tell by looking if they have external hemorrhoids, anyways.

Decadencecavy Answered:
The dog is most likely having a problem with his anal glands. Your neighbormust not know dogs well. Take the dog to a vet. If his anal glands are full they can rupture. They could be abscessed.

Some should stick to pet rocks Answered:
Your dog does not have hemmorhoids- it's either an anal gland problem or worms.
You can safely apply a warm compress made of a folded up paper towel soaked in very warm water.
In the morning, make an appointment with the vet.

Rosalie Answered:
No. Human medication is for humans. That is why they formulate medication specifically for dogs.

It is most likely a problem with his anal glands. If your dog is a small breed, he may need to see a vet to have them expressed, since small dogs sometimes can't properly express their glands by themselves. If you leave his to continue doing this, they could rupture and possibly become infected, which would result in a much larger vet bill.

I love my Puppy Answered:
Never use human products on your pets.Why not get a couple warm paper towels and wipe the area a couple times. It probably just itches a bit.
Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 Is Preparation H safe to use on animals?

BRENNY Answered:
Hemorrhoids??Either your neighbor was pulling a fast one on you or they're quite ignorant when it comes to dogs.

Odds are your dog has over full anal sacks that's causing all the fuss…. Either that or worms.

Either way, take your pup in to the vet.If it's worms, the dog can be prescribed an effective worm treatment to get rid of the parasites.

If it's an anal gland issue your vet can give you a lesson on how to express them yourself.Or at the very least, express them and have it done with…… It takes some practice but you'll get the hang of it easily enough.I use baby wipes to 'catch' the anal fluid as that cuts down on the foul odor issue.

Jazzie Answered:
Preparation H is a tempory relief of the itching and discomfort. You dog may have worms or swollen anal glands or have just been constpated. when I use it on my dogs it must have burned a little, so I would reccomend using the wipes. Go see your vet early next week and have him checked.

Diana Answered:
Well………yes and no.Please read my answer carefully and be sure you understand which is which.

NO.Do NOT use PrepH on your dog's anus.He does not have hemorrhoids for sure. Your neighbor is either completely ignorant, a hemorrhoid sufferer himself who thinks he knows everything, or is playing with your mind.What you dog probably DOES have is worms and/or impacted/infected anal glands.The dog needs to go to the vet for treatment and nothing else.So make that appointment Monday morning and do it – it is very important.Remember NO PrepH on your dog!!!

YES, cattlemen and ranchers are usually carry PrepH (not because of riding in the saddle all day – although that may come in handy. ha ha) but because it can be very helpful to restrict bleeding and swelling from superficial cuts on large animals.For example if a horse gets ripped up in barb-wire, PrepH is a good ointment and will reduce bleeding and swelling while getting him back to the barn for further treatment.It is never used on any cut needing stitches or on any body opening.Remember YES PrepH on livestock if you are a rancher.I don't think you are a rancher though are you?

Get the dog vetted asap, give the PrepH to your neighbor, ok?.

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