I have a small solid ball in my anus?

Rikku Asked: I have a small solid ball in my anus?

Well I think it's hemorrhoids, but it's painful, and it's not just the ball that's painful, the pain is kinda around my whole anus and before this ball thing appeared, my anus use to bleed a little sometimes after I use the toilet and then wipe, but I'm very embarrassed to go ask a doctor and tell my parents about it cause we are going through a tough time right now and I don't want to put more pressure on my family, so hope I get answers. Thanks


Really Answered:
Yep. It's a hemorrhoid.LOTS of people get them.They're not dangerous and don't usually require a doctor.In fact, there are treatments you can just buy at the store.DO tell your parents about this so they can help you get more comfortable.

Mary Kontrarry Answered:
hemorrhoids are extremely common, and it is most likely what you have. You should look at the tissue surrounding your rectum, and if you see a bulge in the tissue, that is soft to the touch, then that is hemorrhoids.
To repair the damage, you need to be bigilant with both your diet, and your regimen of bowel movements. Those with irregular BM have a higher incidence of hemorrhoids. Be careful not to strain when on the toilet. This causes the damage that creates hemorrhoids. Make sure you have a lot of fiber in your diet, as well as plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Avoid prolonged sitting.

finally, if your inspection reveals that the pain and bump are not on the rectum tissue, but instead is located in the center area above the rectum, then you have a different condition, known as a pilonidal cyst. This is caused when a hair becomes ingrown, then causes an infection. In most cases this is very painful, and is treated by antibiotics, and careful attention to keeping the area clean.

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There is no reason to be embarassed about either, and to not discuss with your parents. (Both have probably had hemorrhoids). As mentioned before, there are OTC drugs like Preparation H, that address the swelling and discomfort.

patrick Answered:
It's a hemorrhoid, definitely…

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