i have a small itchy bump not on my anus it but around it?

cjfive40 Asked: i have a small itchy bump not on my anus it but around it?

The past couple of days I have had a bump on the left side of my anus, it is not inside my anus just beside it and it wont pop or anything its under the skin. What could it be? Hemorrhoids?


Max Steel Answered:
Sometimes you get pimples in places besides your face, like your *** in this case.But here is the thing: take it to a doctor.Its kind of stupid to get health advice on yahoo ansewers.If you don't have health insurance go to a free clinic.

Agaptos Answered:
I know it weird to see a doctor for this.

Here's my advice, use a antiseptic soap like Dettol or Lifebuoy or something make sure its antiseptic.

Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 i have a small itchy bump not on my anus it but around it?

Wet the area around the anus using water, then wet the bar of soap and rub it on the wet area so that it becomes soapy use your hand and rub all over the bump and wash away. Do this as many times in a day as you could it should go away.

The bump is probably a bacterial infection, washing the area will remove the bacteria there, but they multiply quick so do it often.

Best of Luck.

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