How to poop with a hemorrhoid?

Asked: How to poop with a hemorrhoid?

Got a big hemorrhoid. How can I make it easier to poop with one


That's friggin nasty. But slowly insert a knife in your rectum and the go crazy. Slice the hemroids up, put them in my mouth. You good to go.!
Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 How to poop with a hemorrhoid?

Ouch, i have one too.You need some prep.H, they also sell medication that is on a cloth and you just need to wipe front to back with them, well always wipe front to back.Anyway that should help shrink it. As far as going to the bathroom there is really nothing to do to help with the pain.You could try to eat foods to soften your bowel movements, like prunes etc. Stay away from rice, or anything that constipates you.Hope you feel better.

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