How do I get my doctor to admit me to the hospital?

Melinda Asked: How do I get my doctor to admit me to the hospital?

I'm a 31 yr old otherwise healthy female. I've been suffering from severe constipation for a few months. I've went 2 weeks with no BM recently. Again, now I'm going on day 9. NOTHING is working. I've done enemas, softeners, diet, and antacids. In the past 6 weeks I went to the ER 3 times for extreme bloating and upper abdominal pain. Now my insurance has expired. Symptoms are getting worse. Last week I was having chest pain/burning and shortness of breath for 4 days straight. Acid even making my teeth burn. It's constant and does not decrease. If I take a few bites of food or drink a sip of fluids, the pressure and burning and nausea gets worse. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink. Right now I'm unable to drink because of it. I can't even eat a full meal. I can't sleep at night and exhausted during the day. This is controlling my life. I can't even play with my kids. I've also noticed blood in some stool. Stool is rarely formed. My last BM (last Sunday) was not formed at all. Looked like a pile of sand sittingin the toilet. I don't have any painful or bleeding hemorrhoids. Sometimes my heart will race for a few seconds. When I stand up, my head starts pounded. I really need an endosopy but can't pay for it up front, which the hospital requires. If admitted, I could get it. How do I get my doctor to admit me? My docs also believe the constipation is caused by abdominal adhesions. How can I get the doc to do surgery? I've been burping a lot too and feels like pills get stuck in back of throat. Maybe a hiatal hernia? I know the longer I wait, the worse the acid will damage something. Is it my right as a patient to ask to be admitted?


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