does epsom salts works for hemorrhoids?

Asked: does epsom salts works for hemorrhoids?

i am 37 weeks and 2 days and i have really bad hemorrhoids i tried everything u can think of besides epsom salt.. i can barely walk bcuz they hurt so bad… any help???


Soaking in epsom salt helps alot, Ice packs on them help alot, there are wipes in the pharmacy section of walmart made by preparation h that have witch hazel in them those are the best ever, you can use straight witch hazel on a towel and let set on the area as well.

I would ask a doctor before taking epsom as amedication, but once you get the ok out should be fine.They might prescribe you something as well.

Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 does epsom salts works for hemorrhoids?

I had horrid hemorrhoids a month ago so bad I couldn't walk without being in pain.Nothing was working but the wipes with witch hazel and icing them to reduce swelling.

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