Do I have a pimple or hemorrhoid ? I’m kinda scared..?

Asked: Do I have a pimple or hemorrhoid ? I’m kinda scared..?

Yea a while ago I was playing with my butthole and I noticed a lumpish like feel directly over my anus. I do not know if it's a hemorrhoid or a abcess or pimple. I do sweat alot in my anus and buttcrack especially when I play sports and start lifting. So when I tried touching or putting light pressure on it, the lump or swelling started to go down.Now I barely feel it, but it's like only a tad bit sore when I touch it. So what do I have? Hemorrhoid, pimple or abcess?


O.O playing with your but hole umm okay any way…

I have no idea if I were u I'd just wait a wile and if it gies away happy days

Hemorrhoids Savior 468x60 Do I have a pimple or hemorrhoid ? Im kinda scared..?

I wish you luck o.o bye

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