Could I be Pregnant?

Renee Holiday Asked: Could I be Pregnant?

I have a hemorrhoid in my itchy butt, am i prego?


kyle h Answered:
I am not sure this is an actual question, but for your amusement… Hemorrhoids, while they are more prone to occur during pregnancy, are not an actual indication of pregnancy. A missing period(s) is more indication than anything. IF that is the case, take a home pregnancy test and go from there. God bless!

G Ellis Answered:
You should probably eat more bran and such so your poo is less hard and won't rip your asshole when it comes out. I doubt your pregnant unless you've gained weight and such. But seriously by some preparation h and fix the nasty sore on your ***.
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Meow Squirel Answered:
Get a testing kit in any pharmacy
It's not a sure sign,it could happen to any
Please specify more details next time icon smile Could I be Pregnant? )

Jessica wright Answered:
um HECK No.. you just wasted 5pts

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