Clear liquid coming from anus?

Asked: Clear liquid coming from anus?

Im a 17 year old boy, and small amounts of clear liquid comes out of my anus every few months. I can't figure out what this could be.. It's a very small amount of liquid that comes out.. It feels as though I need to use the toilet, but then I go and all that comes out is a small amount of this clear liquid. It has a slight unpleasant odor to it, sort of fishy smell.

I really have no idea what this could be. It only happens once every few months normally it's happened twice this month now.

I had hemorrhoids about a year and a half ago.. I don't know if this will have anything to do with it.

Any ideas on what it could be?



see your doctor


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This is likely to be mucus from your intestines.

It could be caused by various things but as it is regular it could be irritable bowel syndrome.

Do you have any bleeding or pain?

Get in touch if you need more info.

Best wishes

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