Cat with swollen red anus – anal polyps?

Lewis Asked: Cat with swollen red anus – anal polyps?

My 12 year old male Persian cat had a surgery for bladder stones removal in the beginning of April. He had a catheterin his penis for 3 days (he had a stone stuck in his ureter that had to be pushed back to the bladder prior surgery). Since he came back from the hospital I've noticed that his anus was red and irritated, but my vet said it was normal. Then he was under amoxicillin for about a week or so and after that they changed the antibiotics for clavamox, just to prevent infection after surgery. All his tests (blood, urine analysis, etc) after surgery have been fine. He has no infection, no bacteria, nothing. But he had diarrhea, first because of the antibiotics and second because the vets changed his diet to Medical (Royal Canin) SO. Over this time his anus has become very red and sore. It looks almost as a bad case of human hemorrhoids, but raw and moist (I can send you pictures of it). Well, when I read the ingredients of the new can food and saw that it has corn flour in it, I thought I found the problem because the vet was suspecting of allergies andI remembered that my cat had allergies to corn before (corn litter.) So I asked the vet to change his food. Now he is taking the Medical Mature formula (1 1/2 can a day) and that solved the diarrhea, but the vet still can't find a solution for his swollen and painful anal problem. The vet put him underFlagyl and, recently, also under Prednisolone, but nothing changed so far. My cat is loosing weight (not drastically, thou) and he's also depressed. Our vet is very good, but she just doesn't know what his problem is. He's really very uncomfortable, and I'm really very worried about him, since this has been going on for almost two months now. He's not licking his rear and I'm taking good care of him, but I feel hopeless. Can someone please help? I can send you photos and all information you need. Please, HELP ME! Many thanks!


Laurie Answered:
With all of the antibiotics it would be normal to have diarrhea and this would cause the redness and a swollen anus. Ask the vet for a numbing cream that you can put on the area and also if some can be inserted just inside the rectum. His bowel movements may just be irritating area without a chance to heal. Maybe a good cream would help. Ask the vet if Preparation H can be used on a cat. It can be purchased with a small tube for inserting. Don't use anything unless the vet give the ok.

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