Can hemorrhoids irritate your vagina, too?

Asked: Can hemorrhoids irritate your vagina, too?

First off, I'm 22. I've had hemorrhoids for a little bit, and I tend to deal with them on and off as I do have IBS. I've had the pretty typical symptoms of itchiness, slight soreness, etc., and now that seems to be impacting my vagina a little bit. I am obviously aware that the reproductive and digestive systems are not related, but I was just wondering if the hemorrhoids could cause my vagina to feel slightly uncomfortable too. For example, last night my boyfriend fingered me (sorry for TMI), and today I'm a little sore and uncomfortable. I also notice that I'm somewhat uncomfortable if I have to wear tampons (though usually it's the worst if the tampons aren't fully saturated and are therefore still somewhat dry).

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I just had an appointment with my OB/GYN in late August and everything was fine then, so I don't believe there's anything more sinister going on here. I also had a normal checkup with my PCP later that same week. I've had a yeast infection before, and this doesn't feel like that because my vagina is not itchy, it's definitely more towards the anal area. I just happen to be slightly uncomfortable during sexual activities or inserting a tampon (or sometimes wearing underwear/friction from jeans). Could this just be from the hemorrhoids? I'd call my doctor, but I'm actually having ankle surgery on Monday and I won't be able to leave the house for at least a few weeks.

Thanks for the help!


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