Bump/Lump on anus, Hemorrhoids?

Dom Asked: Bump/Lump on anus, Hemorrhoids?

Hi, quite embarrassing but I have noticed a bump/lump on my anus (may have another one as well, cannot tell), it is a bluish color and does not hurt (unless I put pressure on it, but even then its only a minute amount of pain). I haven't really felt it otherwise, except, i know this is going to sound quite strange, but a buzzing kind of feeling around my anus about 2 weeks ago, and went on for an hour or two.

I'm 16 years old and don't have a family history of anything like cancer etc, (well my great granddad died of bowel cancer but that is it). Thank you.


lovemybabes Answered:
I'd suggest seeing a doctor, it could 1 of 100 things
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izzy Answered:
It'shighly unlikely to be cancer at 16.It's worried you enough to open an account and post the question, so go and talk to your doctor (who has seen it all before) and get your mind put at rest.

It most likely is a haemorrhoid, it isn't causing you a physical problem, so now is the time to take steps so it never does.
The buzzing kind of feeling was probably caused by gas- it happens.Not all gas comes out!

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