Bleeding out of my anus! Help!?

Mike Asked: Bleeding out of my anus! Help!?

I am 26 yr old male who last week woke up with some pain around the anus.I have had one bowel movement since then(3 days ago) and just today I bought some preparation H because I thought it might be hemorrhoid's.Took a shower, went to put it on, but dried the area first.When I was drying the area I noticed there was blood on the tissue(no bowel movement for 3 days).Kind of freaking out right now, and would like some advice.I am at school in a city across the country from my doctor.Help yahoo!


Johan Answered:
You need to get out of yahoo ad see a ******* doctor -.-

Ben Answered:
You were probably raped by something who's penis's girth was greater than your anus's

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go to the doctor.

Gina Answered:
Whoa people are so rude! Anyways, if the blood was bright red, it's most likely an anal fissure. Usually it doesn't bleed a lot but it's quite painful. But I might be wrong because you said you haven't gone to the bathroom in a while. I suggest you make an appointment with a doctor near by and get it checked.

gentl Answered:
Hi Mike

Sound like it might be hemorrhoids, perhaps with some hard stool that is reluctant to pass.Sometimes when a stool is very hard it will cause internal hemorrhoid's to bleed by tearing them a bit.It's uncomfortable, embarrassing and worrisome, but it is something most people go through at least once in their life.

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Let me back up here a bit. I am assuming that you mean bright red blood and not black, tarry looking stools.If it is old, dark, black blood that means it is coming from higher up the digestive tract.If that happens, seeing a doctor quickly is important.But if it is fresh, bright red blood it is probably from straining with hard stools.You can get stool softeners OTC that will help.Preparation-H works by helping the blood vessels shrink back to normal.If they get painful you may need to get one of those donut shaped pillows on which to sit.

If it doesn't get better in a few weeks or you start running a fever, if the bleeding gets much, much worse, or you don't have a stool in a couple more days you should see a doctor.

So try to stay well hydrated, take stool softeners, Prep-H and not freak out. : )This happens to most everyone sooner or later.Some people have this problem much of their lives.Hope you get better soon.

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marilynB Answered:
Keep in mind every time one empties the bowels, straining occurs in that region AND if you do have hemorrrhoids, that region is not healing. Yes it has been 3 days, but also keep in mind that the grape like bunches on your anal region are on the EXTERIOR, you do not see the internal ones inside of the rectum. You could easily have anal fissures…See below for full descriptions, depicting these areas…Do you have pain in the rectum, either pre bowel movement OR after ??Either way, see your doctor…You can also, use the prep H or VASELINE, on 2X2 gauges, when retiring at night, again TO CALM the rectum/anal area…No laughing matter, this can be serious if not attended to…..If hemorrhoids continue, let's say over years, many a patient has to undergo a hemorrhoidectomy (REMOVAL OF), because the strain of evacuating the bowels, CAUSES the bulging, not only externally but internally…Hope this info helps…Try extra fiber, daily and WATER, 6-8 glasses, also exercises… Best wishesonce you are on track with bowel habits, try to establish a regular time of such.

Nitebug Answered:
You need to see your doctor.

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