Bleeding bump on my butt cheek, not a hemorrhoid?

Chuck Asked: Bleeding bump on my butt cheek, not a hemorrhoid?

So I have this small bleeding bump on my butt cheek about the circumference of a pea and I have no idea what it is. I'm pretty sure it isn't a hemorrhoid because everything I've read/seen has them right near the anus. This is way lower almost to where my leg and butt meet and more toward the back than the inside. It bled like crazy all over my boxers and I don't know what the heck it is. I've never had a hemorrhoid before so I guess it could be one but it doesn't really match the stuff I've read about. I didn't even notice it until it started hurting and bleeding last night.

Any ideas?


Jeffie Mcjeff Answered:

always b natural Answered:
It could just be a big zit – sometimes hot weather can bring them on.
Or a boil.
If it hurts and doesn't get better, you should have it looked at,
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Mary Kontrarry Answered:
It could be a boil or blister.See your doctor.

sharon g Answered:
could be what they call a pylonidal cyst that needs medical (surgical) treatment. at any rate, go to the doctor for an evaluation.

Amaretta Answered:
Pilonidal cysts occur at the top of the butt crack and hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum, so it's neither of those.It could be a blister, boil or pimple that is being irritated by sweat, scratching or the friction of your underwear rubbing against it.Try keeping the area clean and dry for a few days (no scratching!) and if it doesn't clear up, then you might want to see a doctor.

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