Bleeding and blood clots from anus?

Ward Family Asked: Bleeding and blood clots from anus?

I have been told I had IBS 10 years ago. I'm 21. Have had a colonoscopy and an upper gi scope and biopsies. No answers yet. But for 3 days I have been having to randomly wipe because the blood n clots were just coming out. I am normally chronically constipated but it has been very loose. Just wondering why it is constantly coming out? I have had hemorrhoids for as long as I can remember but this is different for q weeknight have had this dull headache and lower back pain.

Any ideas


Justin Answered:
Get help right away!!!!!!
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Sarah Answered:
You sould definitely go see a doctor. Because first of all those blood clots are serious. If you had minor bleeding from the anus when you wipe not in the stool because that's another problem, then that's normal. But random blood clots is definitely a serious medical issue usually any blood that appears in the stool or clots is a sign of a severe intestinal infection that if went untreated can definitely lead to cancer of the intestine! Especially with pains…Go get it looked at again get more than one opinion!

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